Services for Research Organization Leadership

You are the captain and commander of the ship that is your organization’s research enterprise. Some days, that means getting thrashed about in the waves of change — scientific and technological advances, shifting tides of regulatory requirements and standards, and the evolving nature of human subjects research. The impact of these changes can be significant; and even though you’ve charted a clear course in your last strategic plan, an objective analysis of your progress and course correction is sometimes necessary. Or, maybe you have braved the currents and arrived exactly where you planned to some 4-5 years ago, and it’s now time to chart a new course, and a new strategic plan. Wherever you are on your journey, Stewardly offers services to complement your vision for your research enterprise, and translate it into reality.

Become a Research Organization of the Future with Stewardly’s Document Development Services

So you’ve determined that it’s time to check in on your charted course and recalibrate. Whether you are midway through your current strategic plan and want an objective assessment and documentation of your progress for your organization’s staff and stakeholders, or you are ready to chart a new strategic plan, Stewardly’s document development services can propel you towards either goal.

Stewardly is known for its collaborative approach that gives all staff and stakeholders their say in the process of strategic planning, while ensuring that these key documents evolve at the rapid pace you require. Whether you have weeks or months to complete the work, Stewardly’s approach to document development is agile, and can adapt as needed to your circumstances and internal and external expectations.

Evolve at the Speed of Research with Stewardly’s Process Architecture Services

As you move further along your charted course to being a research organization of the future, you will need to objectively assess all of the constituent parts of your organization to determine whether they should remain as-is, or, more likely, how they need to evolve in order to enable the types of activities your future vision calls for.

Working with research leadership and key governance committees, Stewardly empowers your organization to objectively assess existing structures, roles, processes, metrics, governance and stewardship committees, policies, tools and business units, as well as their alignment with your strategic plans and goals for the organization. As appropriate, Stewardly will recommend new or amended policies, processes, structures, governance and stewardship committees, metrics, tools, roles and business units, and assist in their planning and implementation.

Results When You Work with Stewardly

With Stewardly’s document development and process architecture services, you will:

  • Gain perspective on where your organization is currently, and where it’s headed
  • Create direction and clarity for your staff and stakeholders on your organization’s vision, and how they will help you get there
  • Feel proud of your organization's innovative and compelling vision for the future
  • Find peace of mind that your plan is mapped out with Compliance by DesignTM*

*compliance with existing and forthcoming regulations, standards and other key requirements that govern research activities is a standard part of all of Stewardly’s service offerings

Let’s talk about the next steps in your organization’s evolution.