Services for Research Ethics Boards (REBs)

Do you know how to keep yourself from feeling weighed down by the stresses and responsibilities that come with the ethical oversight of research?

You work diligently day after day to ensure you provide the best ethical oversight possible. Despite the ever-evolving nature of research and the burdensome regulatory environment you work in, you try to be both flexible and consistent in your everyday work. You've had "write SOPs" on your neverending "To Do" list for ages, but due to competing demands and constant interruptions you never quite get around to it, and your procedures remain undocumented.

By having a solid foundation.

It's time to change that. Let Stewardly take the guesswork out of your written procedures with its document development services.

Introducing Solid Foundations, a service offering designed to provide you with written procedures tailored to your unique needs: the types of research you oversee, the structure and roles within your organization and REB(s), your internal infrastructure and policy environment, and the specific rules and regulations that apply to you in your work.

Just like you'd build your house with code-compliant materials and structurally sound walls all on a sturdy foundation, so must written procedures and documented daily practices serve as a bedrock for effective and consistent research ethics operations.

Stewardly is your one-stop shop for developing written procedures that will have auditors, researchers, sponsors and most importantly, yourself feeling confident that your operations adhere to regulatory requirements while maintaining a sense of flexibility and adaptability in the ethical oversight you provide.

Your time is valuable, and your researchers and your REB(s) need your undivided attention. Rather than spending this precious commodity evaluating, writing, or renovating your written procedures, give Stewardly a call and put your mind at ease. We'll translate what you and your staff do into clear, concise, and consistent documentation that provides a solid foundation for your everyday work.

A foundation that is true to you, your organization, and your work.

Solid Foundations from Stewardly will provide you with:

  • An analysis of research that falls within the purview of your REB;
  • An assessment of your current written procedures, if any, including which regulations may apply to your everyday work;
  • Risk-based recommendations as to which written procedures would provide you with the most solid foundation for your operations; and
  • Complete drafts of key written procedures selected by you, developed in consultation with you and your team, your REB and your stakeholders.

Stewardly's Solid Foundations service offering focuses on shoring up key regulatory, organizational, and reputational risks, giving you and your stakeholders peace of mind. Don't spend one more day feeling guilty that you aren't giving this the time and focus it deserves.

Get in touch with Stewardly, and let's start building your solid foundation today.