Software as a Service (SaaS) Offerings for Researchers

Stewardly is pleased to announce the availability of its first SaaS offering for researchers who conduct human subjects research.

RENEWS - Research Ethics Notification of Expiry Web Service

What is the most important event in the lifecycle of ethics approval that occurs at least once a year? Ensuring that it RENEWS! Benefits of RENEWS: the Research Ethics Notification of Expiry Web Service

Maintaining ethical approval for your research study is a universal requirement for conducting human subjects research, anywhere in the world. However, life gets busy, and complicated. It is easy to lose track of expiry dates when you have a number of research studies ongoing, a busy travel and professional schedule (whether teaching in a university context, or providing clinical care in a healthcare context), and multiple professional and personal e-mail accounts. Yet another variable, is the fact that some ethics committees* proactively notify researchers of upcoming expiry/renewal dates, and others do not.

It is the responsibility of a Principal Investigator (PI) to maintain ethics approval for his or her studies. Stewardly’s Research Ethics Notification of Expiry Web Service was developed to make this process easier and more consistent for PIs and their research teams. Whether you are conducting all of your research at one organization, and under the auspices of one ethics committee, or at multiple organizations under the auspices of multiple ethics committees, RENEWS provides a consistent way of keeping track of your upcoming ethics approval expiry dates so that you and your team members are proactively notified and can prepare and submit your renewal or continuing review applications on time.

RENEWS is a freemium service provided by Stewardly. This means that the basic notification service is, and will always be free, for as long as Stewardly exists. In the future, the service will be expanded, and some of the new features will be made available for free, while others may be made available for a modest subscription fee. There is no requirement to upgrade to the paid service when it becomes available, and if you choose to, you’ll be free at any time to revert to the free version of the service.

Simplify some of the complexity that comes with conducting human subjects research. Stay tuned for RENEWS 2.0, coming soon! [Update: our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider has recently launched a new cloudfront in Canada. We won't bore you with the technical details, but know that we are working diligently to deploy RENEWS 2.0 to Canadian servers as soon as possible. We are very excited to be able to host all data from Stewardly web services in Canada (or Europe, upon request).]

*As research ethics committees are known by different names in different countries, the generic terminology “ethics committee” is used within the RENEWS service. You may know them as Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), Research Ethics Boards (REBs), Research Ethics Committees (RECs), Independent Ethics Committees (IECs), Ethics Committees (ECs) or by yet a different name. Regardless of what these committees are called in the countries in which you conduct human subjects research, you can use RENEWS to keep track of upcoming ethics approval expiry dates for all of your studies — for free!