Josh LeslieI’m Josh Leslie, the founder of Stewardly, a social purpose business dedicated to making positive social innovations in the field of human subjects research administration.

By identifying opportunities for stewardship, efficiency, and ease, I have built my career and my business around working with Research Ethics Boards (REBs), researchers and research administrators to move ethical research studies forward.

After spending over a decade in the field, I’ve become an industry leader in innovative process design, regulatory interpretation, and organizational efficacy.

I’ve spent years studying the bottlenecks and barriers to getting a research study approved, and identifying opportunities for innovation and improvement to better equip REBs, research administrators, researchers and their respective teams to achieve success. Now I have put those insights, field-tested approaches, and accomplishments to work for organizations looking for new ways to support groundbreaking studies from start to finish.

My straight-from-the-hip approach to operations and administration delivers tangible, measurable results for teams that are seeking fresh perspective and innovative methods to achieve success in their work.

Why Stewardly?

I founded Stewardly to help REBs and research administrators gain clarity and peace of mind with their procedural documentation, to re-engineer processes to increase efficiency, and develop detailed plans of action to reach their long-term goals with ease and confidence. I was also frustrated by the lack of effective tools to support human subjects research administration, including the ethical review of research studies; our SaaS solutions aim to remedy that.

Stewardly values first and foremost:

  • Human-Centered Design — Putting the human end-user into focus in all that we do
  • Stewardship — Taking care of tomorrow by doing the right things today
  • Efficiency — Designing processes that help organizations save time and maximize resources
  • Ease — Creating solutions that are simple to implement and incorporate into day-to-day work

Stewardly Serves

Stewardly provides support and services to REBs, researchers and research administrators in a number of ways. From optimized processes, procedures, and policies to human-centered software solutions, Stewardly aims to minimize the burdens and barriers experienced in the field of human subjects research administration and strives to provide REBs and research administrators with the resources necessary to incorporate innovations into their day-to-day operations and achieve success.